Landscape and Urban Design Firm – Drupal 7 to WordPress Migration

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Fuhrman Leamy Land Group

Fuhrman Leamy Land Group – a landscape architecture, land use planning and urban design firm – faced a challenge: a Drupal website with an imminent end-of-life (meaning it would soon no longer be supported with security updates). Recognizing the need for a more user-friendly platform for FLLG’s team, which likes to DIY their website updates, the Roseville, Calif., firm partnered with Alpen Lily Web Studio to transition to WordPress.

  • Mobile user experience

  • Website development

  • Drupal to WordPress migration


  • Ensure Technical Sustainability: To transition from Drupal to WordPress, addressing the technical necessity while modernizing the website and providing the firm with freedom to customize their webpages.
  • Improved Presentation of Projects: We wanted to make it easier for FLLG staff to input projects and more user-friendly and informative for website visitors and potential clients.

Approach and strategy

Drupal to WordPress migration

This migration from Drupal to WordPress was relatively simple, so it was easy to keep it cost-effective for the client and ensured a seamless transition without disrupting the user experience. This move not only addressed the immediate technical concerns but also embraced  WordPress’s flexible and user-friendly platform to rebuild and enhance the website’s design and functionality.

Responsive design for all devices

The website was redesigned to be fully responsive; whether browsers are using on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the site remains accessible, attractive, and easy to navigate.

Fuhrman Leamy Land Group website

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