Bay Area Nonprofit Website – Drupal 7 to WordPress Migration

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BADRAP, a Bay Area nonprofit renowned for its dedicated work in rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls, faced a common challenge: an outdated Drupal website that was increasingly difficult to manage and scale. Recognizing the need for a more user-friendly platform that could grow with their advocacy, BADRAP partnered with Alpen Lily Web Studio to transition to WordPress.

  • Mobile user experience

  • Website development

  • Drupal to WordPress migration


  • Ensure Technical Sustainability: To transition from Drupal to WordPress, addressing the technical necessity while modernizing the website and providing the nonprofit’s with freedom to customize their webpages.
  • Improve User Experience on Mobile: The user experience from phones is important for BADRAP, considering many of their constituents have access to smart phones but not computers.

Approach and strategy

Drupal to WordPress migration

The migration from Drupal to WordPress required meticulous planning.  The shift was as cost-effective for the client as possible, and ensured a seamless transition without disrupting the user experience. This move not only addressed the immediate technical concerns but also embraced  WordPress’s flexible and user-friendly platform to rebuild and enhance the website’s design and functionality.

Responsive design for all devices

The website was redesigned to be fully responsive; whether browsers are using on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the site remains accessible, attractive, and easy to navigate.

BADRAP website

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