We figured it’s about time

We tend to get the same question when we build a new website or take over management of a website: “Do you offer hosting?” The answer has always been “No.” Instead, we’ve provided clients with hosting company recommendations.

However, an incident earlier this month with one of these recommended hosts* had us thinking: We realized even if we’re not responsible for hosting your website, we still feel responsible when things go sideways. So, it’s time for us to start offering hosting.

We wanted to find a hosting solution for our clients that is both reliable and affordable. We have found what we believe to be a strong solution in WP Engine. WP Engine is a WordPress-specific host that offers:

  1. Superior tech support: With a special developer account, we will have access to their 24/7/365 premium support. This means one-on-one live support, with a less than three-minute response time. (Much better than we’ve experienced with other hosts.)
  2. Performance improvements: Because Alpen Lily client websites will live on their own server, websites will be faster. Faster websites mean better performance with search engines, less people leaving your website, and an improved user experience.
  3. 99.99% uptime guarantee: Most hosts guarantee 99.9%. Believe it or not, that nine-hundredths of a percent is significant.

Currently our hosting offerings are only available for clients on the WordPress platform. Stay tuned for options for clients on other website platforms.

If you’re interested, please email renee@alpenlily.com, and we will provide you with a quote that suits your website’s unique needs. Or you can visit our WordPress hosting page for more details.

Thanks for reading,
Founder, Alpen Lily Web Studio

* This outage occurred for clients using A2 Hosting for a minimum of three hours on Dec. 5. All websites not only experienced downtime but also were exposed to serious security concerns. It took A2 Hosting 90 minutes to acknowledge the issue and another two hours to resolve the issue. Hosting outages do happen from time to time, but the security concerns made this one particularly egregious.