Web development on North Tahoe's trails

For some, it happens in the shower.

For others, it happens while in bed.

For some people, it happens in the car.

For me, ideas, problem-solving, and clarity all converge while I'm out for a run.

There are times, while working on a website project, I am absolutely stumped and cannot solve a problem or produce a certain piece of functionality that I want to be perfect for my client. At this point, in my previous life (when I worked in an office), I would throw my hands up and head to happy hour with my co-workers, hoping the second glass of Cab would work some sort of magic.

Nowadays (with kids, responsibilities, maturity and blah blah blah), I have decided it's better to shut down my laptop, slip into my running shoes, and get out of the house.

We are fortunate to have a great trailhead just up our street. We have pine-sheltered trails where you can run for miles and not see a soul, except for the occasional neighborhood dog or black bear (but that's another story). I don't listen to music while I run outside. It's just the sounds of birds chirping and my feet padding on Tahoe dirt. (OK, and me gasping for air.)

After a few miles in, once my asthma attack has subsided, my mind's never ending ticker tape goes into the shredder and my brain is ready to work. It seems running taps into something else that is WAY better at finding solutions. Around mile five is when the classic "A-ha!" moment occurs.

So if you're a client, and we bump into each other on the trails of Tahoe, don't worry, I haven't dropped the ball on your project. I'm probably working on it right then and there.

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