Online marketing roundup - September 2018

Here's your September 2018 roundup of articles about Drupal, websites and online marketing. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Renee at

Google AMP Can Go to Hell

Click bate? Sure. However, this is still an interesting article about Google's monopoly on the World Wide Web. Read the article.

Website Accessibility 101

I'm getting a lot of questions about this from clients. There are some important considerations webmasters must consider for ADA compliance. This is especially important for organizations that receive public funding. Read this article about the basics. And here are some tips for site editors.

Free Inspiration!

I ask clients at the beginning of a project to share websites they like and don't like ... and why. This helps me get an idea of what appeals to them from an aesthetic and usability perspective. Sometimes my clients don't know where to begin for that process. Here's one website that provides some inspiration for that search.