Google Places & your Tahoe-Truckee business

For some brick and mortar businesses, an accurate and complete Google Places listing is as important (if not, more important) than a website.

Google Places listings should look familiar for any regular Google user. They're the listings you see when you make a location-based search for a business. You will see the business name, address and a little balloon that is associated with a map. Typically, they're one of the first sets of listings on the results page.

Setting up or editing a listing

Go to and click Get Started

Follow the steps, and it's as easy as that. Google will send a verification card to your business address in 1-2 weeks or call your business number. Be sure to respond with your PIN within 30, or you will have to start the process over.

When filling out your listing, be sure to complete all of the information you can. Be sure to include as many categories in the Category field as possible. This will increase your reach with different keywords when people are searching for businesses like yours.