For best results, update your website often

When I train clients to update their shiny, new content management system websites, I start with one simple piece of advice: "The more consistently you update your website, the easier time you'll have updating it."

I suppose this holds true for a lot of things in life. You need to use something often, especially if it's a piece of technology with a bit of a learning curve, to become efficient with it.

As I've discussed in the past, WYSIWYG editors (the Microsoft Word-looking thing you often see when editing a website), are not the most user-friendly. All too often, I see people get frustrated with their websites and the WYSIWYG editor because they don't use them regularly.

However, I've found the clients who Love their new websites (yes, with a capital L) are the ones who commit to updating their sites at least once a week – whether it's with a new blog post or by simply changing a piece of text or swapping a photo. They find joy and satisfaction in controlling their most important marketing tool.

And ease-of-use is not the only reason to update your website regularly. Consistent website updates are tremendously important for search engine position. Google loves to see that your website has fresh content and isn't a stale brochure site that hasn't been updated since 2011.

So, with this, I implore anyone with a content management system website to make time for consistent updates. Trust me; it's worth it!