April 2019 Roundup

I wanted to attend DrupalCon in Seattle this year, but conflicts got in the way. C'est la vie. It's a (very) small consolation, but I plan to tackle this playlist of sessions from the conference, which are not all Drupal-focused. Here are the ones I'll be watching first. As always, if you'd like to reach out, contact me at renee@alpenlily.com.

Five Marketing Disruptions

The world of marketing is a-changing, and these are some of disruptions we as marketers need to keep in mind.

Designing Connected Content

Make your content easy to find, use and share.

Personalization for the Perplexed

The video's description says it all: If you create or manage content for the web, you've heard the buzz around personalization. Content marketers, enthusiastic CEOs, and thirsty vendors all seem to agree that visitor-tailored content is the future, but the reality on the ground rarely lives up to the promise of well-polished demos.